My dissatisfaction with computational Photography in 2018 was the reason I bought a Fuji mirrorless camera. Then too, this Full Frame vs APSC debate was raging. I think I made the right choice with Fuji, as it’s film simulations give you a finished product straight out of the camera.

Horrified by the prices of the faster Fuji lenses, I got some manual Asahi glass. One thing led to another, and today I shoot with a Nikormat FTN, a Nikormat FT2, and a whole set of Non-AI Nikkor glass from the 28mm F3.5 to the sublime 105 F2.5. For those extra special moments, I have a Moskva 2 6x9 folder loaded with Delta 100 film.

I am a writer, corporate ethics specialist, film photographer, and investor based in Hyderabad, India.

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