So Jordan,
I did get around to watching Joker and Nocturama.

Joker was confusing — there were intersecting themes — the birth of a super-villain; criticism of the failure of social security nets; a tragedy of privilege overwhelming truth; increasing inequality and the social animosity that it brings; mental illness complicated by isolation; and so forth, but none of these themes were dealt with in any depth or any competence at all. It seemed as if all these themes were tucked in just to check some boxes, and no thought was given to them at all. The movie was unsatisfying, abrupt, and shallow.

Nocturama too, was unsatisfying and abrupt — but just at the end of the movie. In the days after, my brain worked to fill in the gaps — the whys — how such an ethnically, socially, and economically diverse bunch would find common ground to collaborate on a terror attack that targets France’s Political, Financial, Artistic, and Religious symbols. The appearance of the soothsayer on a bicycle. Intriguing, shocking, and thought provoking, something like a ride through a Camus novel. Thanks for the recommending Nocturama. It’s one of the better movies I’ve watched this year.


I am a writer, corporate ethics specialist, film photographer, and investor based in Hyderabad, India.

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